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Every single day, we wake up in a land that was built upon the honor and valor of veterans – our nation's heroes.

That's why, at Operation FOB Paradise, it brings us great pride to help bring deserving  purple heart veterans and their families the opportunity to take vacations and seek relaxation that they otherwise may never be able to afford.

At the same time, they are veterans out there who are struggling to pay their bills – which is why we have  our Rough Patch Fund.

With our Rough Patch Fund and Operation FOB Paradise, we are empowering people all over this country to help veterans in need.

Partnerships with Silver Sands in Jamaica has helped us send heroes to beautiful villas for a Vacaiton of a lifetime, time and time again.

With your help, and a dutiful show respect to the men and women were protected our freedom and the vitality of our great nation, we will be able to establish our own Official FOB Paradise Villa within the beautiful Silver Sands community.

Here, we will be able to give the gift of sandy beaches, endless sun, and much-needed relaxation to veterans who have risked their lives to give us the opportunity to experience the same.

Your donation to Operation FOB Paradise and our Rough Day Fund assures that veterans are given the respect they deserve – and have a chance to enjoy comfort of all kinds in exchange for their blood, sweat, and tears in defense of our great nation.

The courage and passion inherent in their heroism deserves to be recognized. Give our heroes the opportunity to re-energize, refocus and even rekindle relationships strained by tours of duty.

Thank you so much for your donation, and your commitment to our veterans. Spread and share this message with your loved ones – for when we all come together, we have the power to achieve anything, as America has always shown.

We are a people, united together in solidarity, with trust, honor, and respect. Thank you for your time, and your appreciation. As you salute our veterans, they salute you in return.

A donation of $1,800.00 provides a Hero and their family villa accommodations at the Nutshell Cottage in Silver Sands, Jamaica for 7 days
30 Yards to the Beach
Private Spa
Sea View
Free Wifi 
Pick-up and Drop Airport Transfer 
From Norman Manley International Airport

Operation FOB Paradise™ is a Veteran organization,  501(c)(3) non-profit EN 84-4360381. We are not a government agency and rely solely on the generous donations of individuals, corporations, and foundations who support our wounded veterans and honor their service to our country.

Operation FOB Paradise supports our heroes solely from cash donations, events and sponsorship. Companies and individuals are welcome to combine their efforts to cooperatively sponsor an event or provide a donation that will help our nation’s heroes reconnect with their families or help with critical finical support.