About Us

 ​                                                             Who Are We?
OFP is a veteran-run, non-profit organization completely committed to enriching the lives of our fellow veterans and active duty soldiers. Everyone on our team, which includes combat veterans and business leaders alike, understand the hardships and mentalities of those who’ve served this country, and are inspired to give back for the courage and perseverance these individuals have displayed. We feel that it’s our duty to reward our heroes in whatever way we can.

                                                               Our Mission
OFP seeks to encourage individuals,both veterans and civilians, to have a hand in forging better lives for the brave men and women who have served or still serve our country. Our objective is to raise money for our Operation FOB Paradise Fund and contribute a variety of benefits, such as complimentary vacations for our Purple Heart Recipients and their family.
In addition to the Villas accommodation offers we prepare, we also fundraise for a specific account called the Rough Patch Fund. We’ve established this collection in order to provide assistance in certain financial responsibilities our heroes may have trouble fulfilling, such as bills and housing. For people who’ve sacrificed so much for the betterment of our nation, we find it absolutely tragic that they aren’t appreciated for their tireless work. It’s our hope to make them feel acknowledged and cherished through this fund.
       Alicia Hardt
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Alicia is a mother of two and wife of a veteran who is dedicated to a single mission: making sure heroes and their families are not defeated by a lack of support and knowledge as they face new battles on the home front against PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), TBI (traumatic brain injury), and other combat-related injuries and their aftermath. She is always working to make sure that other warriors and families like hers not only survive, but to help them figure out how to LIVE in Life After Combat. Family Of a Vet offers real-world, plain language resources, support, and coping skills for those facing PTSD, TBI, and life after combat so that veterans and their loved ones know that they are not alone or left behind.